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Baba's Jumbo Samosas

Veg Stall, Streets of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

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From South Asia to South Wales - with love.


Baba's was established by three brothers in 2017, with over 50 years of experience in South Asian cuisine.  Our experience is not limited to just serving delicious food in restaurants - the best of food is what is made at home.  


Our focus is on unique and reinvented street food from across South Asia but also maintaining our touch on Traditional recipes, without forgetting what Britain loves and ensuring that we provide Cardiff the delicious food we eat at home.

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Baba's Tandoori Wings

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We're pretty much used to what's been around in the Indian takeaway food industry - so why not try something new?

 Baba's have selected & reconstructed our favourite Ready-to- Eat dishes from SouthAsia, prepared using our finest, freshest & delicious ingredients.


All homemade. The extra care, time and effort we put in when cooking at home is what Baba's intends to replicate for our customers

Baba's Jumbo Wrap

Tuesday - Sunday 

5pm onwards.





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r0sietee on Tripadvisor: Me and friends absolutely love this takeaway. It's a must order every girly night. Portion are good and food tastes gets better each week we order. I never praise any takeaway but this really deserves all the praise coz it never disappoints on taste, delivery and customer service.

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Josh Cherry on JustEat: 

Well, where to start? This was quite the experience. Lamb Rogan Josh is often a very difficult dish to get right, but i Have to say this was much better than the mediocre siab of must baby mutton that often is presented with at your usual bog standard house of Indian cuisine. I think it is safe to say that my partner thoroughly enjoyed, and was even gracious enough to offer me 2 forkfuls. As for myself, Chicken Tikka. What a rollercoaster of emotions that was. It's safe to say that my tastebuds were eclipsed in a shroud of flavour that would have been enough to put ten infants into a frenzy of euphoria and over excitedness. I even had to cal my best friend (who lives in Edinburgh) to tell him that this was the work of something bigger than all of us. A true outer body experience. Now, you are probably wondering why we didn't order rice. I, for one, was all for the additional carbohydrates to accompany the incredible journey that the curry took us o. However, seeing as my partner spent three whole months in Nepal, eating curry with nothing but her bare hands, she wanted me to do the same. I objected strongly and suggested we should at least get some Naan. Reluctantly, she agreed. It's safe to say that our baby due in 5 months will be hearing all about this when she/he is old enough to endure the power of a vindaloo.

(Cheers, Josh)

Timothy Sharp on Google: If you want a top notch curry made by experts, get yourself to Baba’s. Clean, open kitchen, high food hygiene rating, proper tandoori ovens, friendly staff, they’ve got it all. Thanks for the meal guys, I’ll definitely be back soon.

Awards Finalist Achievement

Rosie W on Facebook: Last night I was hungry and had no real food in the house but what I did have was a fajita kit and a fridgeful of condiments. So I had a 3 course meal: Starter - plain wrap Main - marmite wrap Dessert - jam wrap (it was only ok)That was dumb because I could have had Baba’s and if you are hungry and are not eating Baba’s, you are dumb too. Everything is banging. Order Baba’s.

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