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Street Food   |   South Asian

Which areas do you deliver to?

Our delivery distance extends to 3 mile radius on the bird view map. If you live further, you can make a special request!


Are any of your dishes Gluten free?

Some are, some aren't. Gluten free food is not guaranteed, but please ask our staff for more info.


Do you accept card payments on delivery or over the phone?

No. Card payments can only be made in store or when ordering online. One for the future!


Are Baba's food Vegan?

Yes! a variety of our dishes are vegan-friendly. Please look out for the vegan sign on our online menu!


Will Baba's food contain traces of nuts and other allergens?

Yes, it is extremely important that you notify our staff of any allergies before making your order.


Do Baba's cater?

Not yet! We regularly take very large party orders as long as sufficient notice is given. 


Can students get discount?

We are definitely working on this! An announcement will be made.


What are your delivery times?

Off peak = 45 minutes. During weekend, sports events etc delivery time varies  but our aim is to get to you within an hour!


Can you make a special request?

Yes! Whether it's to do with food or delivery distance. Let us know!


More questions?

Please feel free to leave a message on our Contact Us page!


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